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All in one Spy phone and spy software for symbian mobile phones. Sms and call interceptor for smartphones.Surveillance text message, spyphone and spy cell phone.

All-in-one Ultra Spy software has everything you need! Location Tracking, Call interception, text recording and more...
Information accessed via Private Internet Account with unlimited device changes.

Listen in to an active phone call (Call Interception)

Secretly read SMS, Call Logs, Email, Cell ID and make Spy Calls

Listen in to the phone surroundings

Secret GPS tracking

100% Undetectable in operation

What is being said in that phone call?
Where exactly are they? Who else is with them and what are they talking about? Who was that SMS or mobile email from and what did it say? Who was the supposedly wrong number from?

If you have a legitimate reason for asking these questions, you can get the answers you need with our top of the range Ultra SPY GPS Location Tracking Call Interceptor software for Nokia Symbian Series 60 mobile phones, Windows mobile phones, iPhone, Android phones, and Blackberry. Listen to phone calls and surroundings, read SMS, Call Logs, Emails, and know the actual location of a Symbian or Windows mobile phone.


UltraSPY is software that you install on a mobile phone. After installation, UltraSPY secretly records events that happen on the phone and delivers this information to a web account, where you can view these reports 24x7 from any Internet enabled computer or mobile phone. UltraSPY also allows you to listen to the surroundings of the target mobile , listen to the phone conversation and to know the location of the device.


Ultra SPY captures the contents of all SMS and email messages, the details of phone call records (number, time, duration) and the name assigned to the number in the phones address book. If you have a GPS phone such as an N97 then you can also receive the GPS coordinates. If you don't have GPS, then you can choose to receive the cell name and cell id. Find out more about mobile gps and cell id location tracking.


A spycall is the ability to secretly switch on the target mobile microphone by making a call from a predefined number. SPYCALL lets you listen in to the phone surroundings from anywhere in the world. Leave in meeting rooms to eavesdrop conversations, be alert for a baby crying in her bedroom, or listen to what your spouse is really saying about you, the possibilities are down to your own imagination. Spycall details.


Call Interception is the ability to listen in to an active phone call on the target device. You specify the numbers you are interested in and when any calls to or from these numbers occur on the target, Ultra SPY will send a secret SMS to your mobile. If you now call the target mobile, you will be added to the call. Interception requires that the target device support conference call. Call Interception details.


If someone try's to cover their tracks by changing the SIM card in the target phone, the phone number will change and you wont know what number to call to make a spycall. To deal with this situation, UltraSPY offers SIM change notification so that you will receive a SMS if the SIM card changes. Now you know the new number and can continue to make spycalls.


Our customers tell us that they change phones frequently, and did not like products that were tied to one specific device only. With UltraSPY you can protect your investment because it lets you move the software to any other supported phone for one year. During this period. We also provide a web account, support by phone, instant messaging and email. SPYPHONE and CALL INTERCEPTION feature is valid for life, ONLY the WEB ACCOUNT is limited to 12 month.


  • Call Interception ( Listen to phone calls in progress)
  • Spycall ( Listen to the phones surroundings when the phone is not in use)
  • SIM Change Notification ( Receive SMS when SIM is changed)
  • GPS Tracking ( If the target has GPS , read the location coordinates, possibility to receive GPS Loc by sms to your mobile)
  • CELL Tracking (See the Cell Name and Cell ID.)
  • SMS Logging (Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages.)
  • Call History (View their entire call history)
  • EMAIL Logging, See complete emails sent from the mobile
  • Install directly from our Internet download site, directly into the phone, No cables, No computer, No Hassle
  • Unlimited Device changes. ( Not tied to IMEI)
  • 100% Completely undetectable
  • After installation control every aspect of UltraSPY operation by sending undetectable SMS commands using our free remote control software
  • Powerful and easy to use search and reporting system
  • Ultra SPY is available for Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones and Nokia S60 series
  • Understand all the spyphone and call interception features

Installation is simple and does not require any cables or computers. Within minutes of purchase, you can download and install it directly into your mobile phone. The installation process takes about 5 min's.

Easy-to-follow instructions are provided, with free 24/7 e-mail support if you need it.

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Not sure which model phone the target person have? Or you do not want to install the software yourself? We have several Nokia models to offer, SonyEricsson , Android models (HTC, Samsung) , Blackberry, ...and latest new models with pre equipped spysoftware : Contact us. E-mail:

All In One software supports

€349 Nokia phone spy sms with spyphone software

  • Nokia-Nuron

  • NokiaN86 8MP

    NokiaN86 8MP
  • Nokia 3250

    Nokia 3250
  • Nokia 500

    Nokia 500
  • Nokia 5228

    Nokia 5228
  • Nokia 5230

    Nokia 5230
  • Nokia 5230 Nuron

    Nokia 5230 Nuron
  • Nokia 5233

    Nokia 5233
  • Nokia 5235

    Nokia 5235
  • Nokia 5250

    Nokia 5250
  • Nokia 5320XpressMusic

    Nokia 5320XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5500 Sport

    Nokia 5500 Sport
  • Nokia 5530XpressMusic

    Nokia 5530XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5630 XpressMusic

    Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5700

    Nokia 5700
  • Nokia 5730XpressMusic

    Nokia 5730XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5800

    Nokia 5800
  • Nokia 5800XpressMusic

    Nokia 5800XpressMusic
  • Nokia 600

    Nokia 600
  • Nokia 6110 Navigator

    Nokia 6110 Navigator
  • Nokia 6120

    Nokia 6120
  • Nokia 6121

    Nokia 6121
  • Nokia 6122

    Nokia 6122
  • Nokia 6124 Classic

    Nokia 6124 Classic
  • Nokia 6210 Navigator

    Nokia 6210 Navigator
  • Nokia 6220 Classic

    Nokia 6220 Classic
  • Nokia 6260

    Nokia 6260
  • Nokia 6290

    Nokia 6290
  • Nokia 6600

    Nokia 6600
  • Nokia 6620

    Nokia 6620
  • Nokia 6630

    Nokia 6630
  • Nokia 6650

    Nokia 6650
  • Nokia 6670

    Nokia 6670
  • Nokia 6680

    Nokia 6680
  • Nokia 6681

    Nokia 6681
  • Nokia 6682

    Nokia 6682
  • Nokia 6700 Slide

    Nokia 6700 Slide
  • Nokia 6710 Navigator

    Nokia 6710 Navigator
  • Nokia 6720 Classic

    Nokia 6720 Classic
  • Nokia 6730 Classic

    Nokia 6730 Classic
  • Nokia 6760 Slide

    Nokia 6760 Slide
  • Nokia 6788

    Nokia 6788
  • Nokia 6790 Slide

    Nokia 6790 Slide
  • Nokia 6790 surge

    Nokia 6790 surge
  • Nokia 700

    Nokia 700
  • Nokia 701

    Nokia 701
  • Nokia 702T

    Nokia 702T
  • Nokia 7610

    Nokia 7610
  • Nokia C5-00

    Nokia C5-00
  • Nokia C5-01

    Nokia C5-01
  • Nokia  C5-03

    Nokia C5-03
  • Nokia C6-00

    Nokia C6-00
  • Nokia C6-01

    Nokia C6-01
  • Nokia C6

    Nokia C6
  • Nokia C7

    Nokia C7
  • Nokia C7

    Nokia C7
  • Nokia C7 Astound

    Nokia C7 Astound
  • Nokia E5

    Nokia E5
  • Nokia E5

    Nokia E5
  • Nokia E50

    Nokia E50
  • Nokia E51

    Nokia E51
  • Nokia E52

    Nokia E52
  • Nokia E55

    Nokia E55
  • Nokia E6

    Nokia E6
  • Nokia E60

    Nokia E60
  • Nokia E61

    Nokia E61
  • Nokia E61i

    Nokia E61i
  • Nokia E62

    Nokia E62
  • Nokia E63

    Nokia E63
  • Nokia E65

    Nokia E65
  • Nokia E66

    Nokia E66
  • Nokia E7

    Nokia E7
  • Nokia E70

    Nokia E70
  • Nokia E71

    Nokia E71
  • Nokia E71X

    Nokia E71X
  • Nokia E72

    Nokia E72
  • Nokia E73

    Nokia E73
  • Nokia E75

    Nokia E75
  • Nokia E90

    Nokia E90
  • Nokia N70

    Nokia N70
  • Nokia N71

    Nokia N71
  • Nokia N72

    Nokia N72
  • Nokia N73

    Nokia N73
  • Nokia N73 Music Edition

    Nokia N73 Music Edition
  • Nokia N75

    Nokia N75
  • Nokia N76

    Nokia N76
  • Nokia N77

    Nokia N77
  • Nokia N78

    Nokia N78
  • Nokia N79

    Nokia N79
  • Nokia N8

    Nokia N8
  • Nokia N8

    Nokia N8
  • Nokia N80

    Nokia N80
  • Nokia N81

    Nokia N81
  • Nokia N81 8GB

    Nokia N81 8GB
  • Nokia N82

    Nokia N82
  • Nokia N85

    Nokia N85
  • Nokia N86

    Nokia N86
  • Nokia N90

    Nokia N90
  • Nokia N91

    Nokia N91
  • Nokia N91 8GB

    Nokia N91 8GB
  • Nokia N92

    Nokia N92
  • Nokia N93

    Nokia N93
  • Nokia N93i

    Nokia N93i
  • Nokia N95-3 NAM

    Nokia N95-3 NAM
  • Nokia N95

    Nokia N95
  • Nokia N95 8GB

    Nokia N95 8GB
  • Nokia N96-3

    Nokia N96-3
  • Nokia N96

    Nokia N96
  • Nokia N97

    Nokia N97
  • Nokia N97 mini

    Nokia N97 mini
  • Nokia Oro

    Nokia Oro
  • Nokia Surge

    Nokia Surge
  • Nokia T7

    Nokia T7
  • Nokia X5

    Nokia X5
  • Nokia X6

    Nokia X6
  • Nokia X6

    Nokia X6
  • Nokia X7

    Nokia X7


  • latest Samsung (Android OS)

    latest Samsung (Android OS)
  • Samsung G810

    Samsung G810
  • Samsung Galaxy 580

    Samsung Galaxy 580
  • Samsung Galaxy S

    Samsung Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy Spica

    Samsung Galaxy Spica
  • Samsung I7110

    Samsung I7110
  • Samsung i8510 INNOV8

    Samsung i8510 INNOV8
  • Samsung i8910 Omnia HD

    Samsung i8910 Omnia HD
  • Samsung INNOV8

    Samsung INNOV8
  • Samsung L700

    Samsung L700
  • Samsung SGH-G810

    Samsung SGH-G810
  • Samsung SGH-i400

    Samsung SGH-i400
  • Samsung SGH-i408

    Samsung SGH-i408
  • Samsung SGH-i450

    Samsung SGH-i450
  • Samsung SGH-i458

    Samsung SGH-i458
  • Samsung SGH-i520

    Samsung SGH-i520
  • Samsung SGH-i550

    Samsung SGH-i550
  • Samsung SGH-i550w

    Samsung SGH-i550w
  • Samsung SGH-i560

    Samsung SGH-i560
  • Samsung SGH-i568

    Samsung SGH-i568
  • Samsung SGH-i570

    Samsung SGH-i570
  • Samsung SGH-L870

    Samsung SGH-L870

€349 BlackBerry

  • Blackberry 4 - 5 OS

    Blackberry 4 - 5 OS
  • Blackberry 6 - 7 OS

    Blackberry 6 - 7 OS
  • BlackBerry 7130c

    BlackBerry 7130c
  • BlackBerry 7130g

    BlackBerry 7130g
  • BlackBerry 7290

    BlackBerry 7290
  • BlackBerry 7730

    BlackBerry 7730
  • BlackBerry 8700c

    BlackBerry 8700c
  • BlackBerry 8700g

    BlackBerry 8700g
  • BlackBerry 8800

    BlackBerry 8800
  • BlackBerry 8820

    BlackBerry 8820
  • BlackBerry Bold9000or9700

    BlackBerry Bold9000or9700
  • BlackBerry Curve 8300

    BlackBerry Curve 8300
  • BlackBerry Curve 8310

    BlackBerry Curve 8310
  • BlackBerry Curve 8320

    BlackBerry Curve 8320
  • BlackBerry Curve 8520

    BlackBerry Curve 8520
  • BlackBerry Curve 8900

    BlackBerry Curve 8900
  • BlackBerry Pearl8100

    BlackBerry Pearl8100
  • BlackBerry Pearl8110

    BlackBerry Pearl8110
  • BlackBerry Pearl8120

    BlackBerry Pearl8120
  • BlackBerry Pearl8130

    BlackBerry Pearl8130
  • BlackBerry Storm9500or9530

    BlackBerry Storm9500or9530
  • CURVE 9350

    CURVE 9350
  • CURVE 9380

    CURVE 9380

€349 htc Spy phone and spy software for symbian mobile phones. Sms and call interceptor for smartphones.Surveillance text message, spyphone and spy cell phone.


  • HTC EVO Shift 4G

    HTC EVO Shift 4G
  • HTC Desire

    HTC Desire
  • HTC Hero(OS 1.5,-2.1)

    HTC Hero(OS 1.5,-2.1)
  • HTC Legend

    HTC Legend
  • HTC myTouch(OS1.6)

    HTC myTouch(OS1.6)
  • HTC Nexus One OS2 2FRF502.2.1

    HTC Nexus One OS2 2FRF502.2.1
  • HTC Wildfire

    HTC Wildfire
  • latest HTC

    latest HTC

€349 iPhone

  • iPhone 4 / 4S

    iPhone 4 / 4S
  • iPhone 2G 3G

    iPhone 2G 3G
  • iPhone 3GS(MC v3.1.2)

    iPhone 3GS(MC v3.1.2)
  • iPhone 3GS(MC v3.1.3)

    iPhone 3GS(MC v3.1.3)
  • iPhone 3gs ma mb

    iPhone 3gs ma mb

€349 LG phone spy sms with spyphone software

  • latest LG (Android OS)

    latest LG (Android OS)
  • LG-KT610

  • LG-KT615

  • LG KS10

    LG KS10
  • LG Optimus One

    LG Optimus One

€349 Sony Ericsson phone spy sms with spyphone software

  • latest Sony_Ericsson (Android OS)

    latest Sony_Ericsson (Android OS)
  • Sony Ericsson Satio

    Sony Ericsson Satio
  • Sony Ericsson Vivaz

    Sony Ericsson Vivaz
  • Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro

    Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia

    Sony Ericsson Xperia
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

€349 Acer phone spy sms with spyphone software

  • Acer-be Touch E130

    Acer-be Touch E130
  • Acer-liquid mini

    Acer-liquid mini
  • Acer Liquid E

    Acer Liquid E
  • Acer Stream

    Acer Stream
  • latest Acer (Android OS)

    latest Acer (Android OS)

€349 Motorola phone spy sms with spyphone software

  • latest Motorola (Android OS)

    latest Motorola (Android OS)
  • Milestone by-Motorola

    Milestone by-Motorola
  • Motorola-DEFY-with-MOTOBLU

  • Motorola-DEFY

  • Motorola DEXT with-MOTOBLUR

    Motorola DEXT with-MOTOBLUR
  • Motorola FLIPOUT

    Motorola FLIPOUT

€349 android

  • htc

  • lg

  • motorola

  • samsung

  • sony-ericsson


€349 Windows Mobile

Our Software are compatible with most Windows Mobile phones

get the complete list HERE

Our software products are Compatible with the following Mobile Os

Symbian Symbian 9 Windows Mobile BlackBerry Apple iOs Android